Hello… Remember me? I’m still here, a little less often than I would like it to be but I’m really still here! *pinky promise* And thank you for remembering me too. Life (and project life!) has certainly been moving at lightning speed. I’ve been periodically busy with your orders, processing them in the usual turnaround time (approximately 3 working days). I have also been taking stock of what is in stock and doing charts on your hot favourites. And… I’m restocking the lil store with your favourites and some fresh ideas just in time for Christmas shopping.

Watch for opportunities to personalise with Swarovski birthstone crystals or handstamped initials (or names/phrases if the piece allows). However you like it because I want it to be uniquely yours. And hey, it’s starting to feel like Christmas around here!


I’ve a couple of new items coming up but am a tad slow on the listing. Jabbing away at the phone app isn’t the most efficient way of going about things. That said, there is a new item up.

It’s quite the charmer. It reminds me of carousel horses and rocking horses of old. A blast from the past with the pristine white mane and the gilded edges. It is a ‘quiet’ statement  piece, bringing back memories of playtime, where carousels were easily found (or so I think). Great for casual weekends and for layering. It comes strung on a 24 inch chain just so you can mix and match to your heart’s delight.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Check back for the rest! Soon I promise.

Just realised that I haven’t been updating on the status of my project life album… Well, it is coming along ‘nicely’. It’s no work of art but it does showcase how we have been living our lives.

I’m all caught up right now but still having an issue finishing part ii of week 22. It is literally driving me nuts.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Certainly looking very busy! I love working with stamps, wood veneer and sequins. Digital papers are definitely the way to go for me. I love that you can resize, recolour and reuse them to suit your whim and fancy.

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