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We just took receipt of some truly awesome druzy geode pendants that really took our breath away when we first saw them. The raw crystalline edges catch the light in a beautiful way, adding to the whole beauty of it. This batch is goldrimmed, all around the outer circle, like a disc.

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklace) Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklace) Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklace) Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklace)

A gorgeous gift to the nature lover. I’ve listed one in the store earlier today and hope to list the other two soon. Drop me a convo if you’d like to reserve any or follow us on twitter or fb to get the heads up when the rest are listed. These come just in time for Christmas!

Which brings us to a quick update on shipping. Do note that we are based in SINGAPORE. It generally takes 10-14 working days for packages to reach international destinations but with the holiday rush and bank holidays, we’d much prefer a longer buffer. To be on the safe side, we advise that international orders, ie any destination outside of Singapore, be placed by 25 Nov. Local Singapore orders have a bit of an extra time. Last orders to be placed by 8 Dec, in order for packages to be unwrapped and placed under the Christmas tree or for the gift exchange parties.

Ho ho ho! The excitement is indeed revving up. If you’d like a special something for a special someone (but of course!), just convo us or leave a comment here. We’d be glad to work something out.

A Sentimental Note

I don’t know about you but I’m entering November with a sense of shock and thankfulness. It feels as if the year has sped on by and the past 10 months have come and gone in a flash. Yet on the other hand, the thought of Christmas is particularly heartening.

We have had a whirlwind mad October with highlights being of some changes being up in the air for the coming year. More on that soon.

Fery, Fairy Princess for a Day

Faye, matching earrings

Meantime, here are a selection of some newbies that you might have missed. Work doesn’t let up. Time, and tide indeed, waits for no man.

Knotted for Eternity (Silver)

Skate Freely

Jewels of the Night

Dance with Me

Just right for the season. :)

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** To all our international friends, we strongly encourage you to get your orders in by mid November to ensure that your gifts will be shipped in time to be placed under the Christmas tree.

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklace)

There’s been a subtle but noticeable change in the air. The weather has turned, and it has started snowing in parts of US. Here in Singapore, we are getting more rainy days. I always liked the tailend of the year. There’s a certain festive buzz that comes along with it. Not to mention, birthdays.

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: The Little Prince (Earrings)

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklaces)

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklaces)

I’ve been working on a couple of old favourites. Updating them for this year. Subtle changes, subtle shifts in mood. All lovely. Check back often. Special treats are in store.

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** Shop early for Christmas. Order by November 12 to ensure that your packages arrive in time to be placed under the Christmas tree.

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