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This week at Sparkle Thots, we literally got a-moving. We’ve moved our little sparklies over to a new place and managed to get most of the things settled. Our first orders prepped in the new place have shipped out. Quite the milestone in our books. There aren’t any delays in shipping times (well, except for Labour Day 1 May and Vesak Day 8 May) right now so do remember to get your orders in soon. Especially if you are aiming towards something special for Mother’s Day. :)

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Meantime, we have also been tinkering around a lot more with Instagram. Snapping behind the scenes images. The little bits that go towards getting your goodies out. There’s something about the convenience of smartphones/iphones that make you take lots of random stuff! That and the madness of shifting. But that habit stuck and well, if you are interested in what really goes on before you get your sparkly bling, follow us on Instagram! (sparklethots)

Till the next update, have fun. The weekend’s here. Woot.


Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Earrings)

Spent the weekend tinkering around with Swarovski crystals. Some experimental and some for a custom order. All I can say, boy, do the folks behind Swarovski really know what they are doing! A lot of dazzle for something still friendly on the pocket. Shimmer, shine, dazzle your way through dreary days.

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Earrings)

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Earrings)

My current hot faves are these simple studs. Simple, elegant pieces that are great for everyday wear. They are pocket-friendly and great as stocking stuffers, best friends’ gifts and / or wedding entourages. These round studs are currently available in the above colours but are customisable in just about every shade imaginable. Great fun!

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Earrings)

Aren’t these the sweetest stars? *swoons*

Now available in store.

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklace)

The rainy weather mixed in with the hot humid days is driving me nuts. I’m seriously pining for winter although I am pretty sure I don’t know what I’m asking for. I should settle for Autumn. A couple of lovely customers have come to enquire about the original Pine necklace and whilst working on their orders, I couldn’t help but think, a drop of snow would be lovely.

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklace)

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklace)

And so here we go. Pine gets updated with a singular freshwater pearl drop. Snow, is coming

Or personalise it with your birthstone (Swarovski crystals selection) to make it truly yours. Great for everyday use. A sweet affordable gift for your team of bridesmaids. Personalise it in your wedding colours or their birthstones / favourite colours.

Surely you are as excited by the possibilities as I am!

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