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Starfish Earstuds

Hello! Since the last time I popped in, the haze has (thankfully!) ceased up and we have clear blue skies again. Singapore has had some freakish weather (crazy rains and hail?!!) and that seemed to have gotten most of the pollutants away. The kids are back in school and we are all easing back into some routine or other.

I’ve started up the craftroom again and have gotten busy. Boy, did I miss the craft time! I’ve also uncovered some beautiful starfish earstuds that I had gotten from my supplier just because they were too tempting. These are 925 silver and rose gold plated. Pretty awesome stuff in my opinion!

Untitled Untitled

A new word charm necklace is in the shop right now. The necklace is also available with the word charm DREAM. The violet accent is a lovely touch of symbolism, and hey, I think the visual pairing works beautifully. Or personalise it with your favourite colour. Your choice really. Sooo… do hop on in to take a look. All orders ship out within a 3 working day turnaround time.

** ps: if you’d like to order a starfish earstud for yourself… do drop me a comment/email/note. Limited quantities available.

Tomorrow’s a public holiday here in Singapore and we’ve gotten all paid orders dropped off at the post office earlier today. They’d be on their way over to you shortly, so hang in there for the ride.

IMG_0769 IMG_0770

I’ve been quite busy with your orders (thankyouverymuch!) and am completely blown away by your love for the simple elegant Infinity necklaces. I’ve received a couple of requests for them to be made as a bracelet instead. So much so I’m actually stocking both the necklace and the bracelet in store now. Only ordered a limited quantity in gold and definitely running low.

IMG_0777 IMG_0775

And here’s a sneak peek at a few new pieces that will be coming your way soon. Clean, light and just about perfect for everyday wear. Great for casual weekends, for days spent chasing kids. Pretty much I spend my days!

My week in 8 snapshots :-

This past week, the kids were all silly. J did his work and K did some cuddling. The boy brought home a pamphlet re primary school registration. This lil big boy is going to primary school! Still a baby as far as I am concerned. The sunsets were spectacular (the weather stifling), the unexpected cafe hopping lovely and the company crazy fun.



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