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Just realised that I haven’t been updating on the status of my project life album… Well, it is coming along ‘nicely’. It’s no work of art but it does showcase how we have been living our lives.

I’m all caught up right now but still having an issue finishing part ii of week 22. It is literally driving me nuts.

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Certainly looking very busy! I love working with stamps, wood veneer and sequins. Digital papers are definitely the way to go for me. I love that you can resize, recolour and reuse them to suit your whim and fancy.

Starfish Earstuds

Hello! Since the last time I popped in, the haze has (thankfully!) ceased up and we have clear blue skies again. Singapore has had some freakish weather (crazy rains and hail?!!) and that seemed to have gotten most of the pollutants away. The kids are back in school and we are all easing back into some routine or other.

I’ve started up the craftroom again and have gotten busy. Boy, did I miss the craft time! I’ve also uncovered some beautiful starfish earstuds that I had gotten from my supplier just because they were too tempting. These are 925 silver and rose gold plated. Pretty awesome stuff in my opinion!

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A new word charm necklace is in the shop right now. The necklace is also available with the word charm DREAM. The violet accent is a lovely touch of symbolism, and hey, I think the visual pairing works beautifully. Or personalise it with your favourite colour. Your choice really. Sooo… do hop on in to take a look. All orders ship out within a 3 working day turnaround time.

** ps: if you’d like to order a starfish earstud for yourself… do drop me a comment/email/note. Limited quantities available.


We are all currently staying in, dunking copious amounts of water and just waiting for a huge downpour to clear the air. PSI levels got seriously crazy today, peaking at an all new, all time high of 401 at midday. Thankfully, the readings have eased back into the hundreds. Suddenly the skies look clear. Of course it is all relative because it is still bad.

The kids have been cooped up at home. And there aren’t many pictures. Because it is kind of gloomy. All hazy and all. You don’t see much of blue skies nor the sun. No fun at all.

So… do pardon me if your packages are slightly delayed. With the outside air hovering in unhealthy and hazardous zones, I’m not quite ready to step out for a postal run. The kids and I thank you. Meantime, do say a little prayer for us here in the hazy island of Singapore. Rain, very much appreciated.

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