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Someone once asked why I stocked mainly 925 Silver and goldfilled items in store. Here’s my long overdue and somewhat lengthy answer.

Silver is probably one of the more affordable ‘real’ (as opposed to plated stuff) jewelry around. While the prices of silver have been on the upward trend, it is still nowhere as expensive as gold. And is hence, relatively affordable. So I do have a fair bit of silver pieces lying about. Some from goodness knows when.

One thing I adore about ‘real’ (vs plated) jewelry, is that it can be cleaned. Plated stuff has a shorter lifespan. It costs a whole lot less but because of that, you can’t quite expect it to last forever. The look will change. Tarnish and oxidation, will occur. Unless you live in a vacuum, you really can’t stop it from happening. Slowing the process down by treating your plated items with care does increase the lifespan of course. But it will discolour.

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So… back to the point. Silver. I recently wondered where my stash of rings went. I almost all but wear 3 on rotation basis, the rest kept prettily away. I rediscovered the gorgeous pieces and some, not so ideal ones. This particular ring is from the now defunct Perlini’s Silver (remember the chain fellow Singaporeans?). And is probably bought at least 10 odd years ago.


The tarnish has set in, and it looked, well, black. Aged to be polite.Definitely not something you’d immediately go to on opening the box. Yet because it is 925 Silver, it can be polished. And here’s the transformation.


Pretty nifty. A couple of quick wipes with the polish cloth and we have some sparkle back. I later managed to get even more shine back (more wipes!) and it’s part of the go-to these days.

And… that’s why I tend to stock 925 silver and / or goldfilled items in store. They last so much better. Well worth it for sentimental items in my opinion. Or the everyday pieces you love. (But yes, I do offer plated items because some designs are nearly impossible to source in ‘real’ metals!) From my own firsthand experience with what I own and wear.

** filed under DIY because, you really can polish your own stuff quite easily and painlessly. Without harming and scrapping away with toxic elements!

With all eyes (ok, most!) on the Olympics, the world’s attention is being tuned to the top 3 medals. Gold, silver, bronze. So just for fun, here’s our list of all time favourites.

Top on the list is the Ribbons Ring. It has been in our lil store for almost 3 years, created shortly before the birth of K, my daughter. It became a mainstay on our menu and we offered it up as part of our promo during the tsunami disaster of 2011.

A close second is the personalised heart on a chain necklace. The delicate goldfilled chain matches perfectly with the dainty heart, handstamped in a whimsical font with the initial of choice. This makes a great go-to necklace for everyday, and is great for layering with other pieces. It’s been sought after for weddings, bridal parties, birthdays and anniversaries. Quite the charmer! Also available in 925 silver or gold/silver plate.

Rounding up the group is this pair of Swarovski teardrop earrings. Coming in a variety of colour combinations, this pair is versatile for everyday occasions as well as outfitting the bridal parties. Also great for year end stocking stuffers for that touch of elegance on a budget.

So, any of these three caught your eye? We’d be back with more newbies as soon as we can.


To be frank, the shop has had quite a fair bit of new items that have not had their day here on the blog. But I’d just stick to highlighting the REALLY really new items.

Above necklace is a beautiful rose pink hued glass pendant. It looks like rose quartz, but it isn’t. So you get more mileage out of your dollar.

 Joanna’s Treasure is a gorgeous work of nature. Our only druzy pendant available set in silver, it has a delicate inner rim of crystals. I personally select each druzy pendant and this was the best in silver rimming that I could find. I have one more set in gold (brownish-black hues) left. The other two having been sold. So, seriously, grab it while it is still in stock!

Sparkly rings with psychedelic finishes are a great addition to your wardrobe. Throw them on for weekend fun. They spruce up your outfit with a pop of colour and are so much fun. They are set on adjustable ring bases and are great for all ages. Have a favourite colour? Let me know. I’d see if I can hunt them down.

Do drop on by the shop :)

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