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The Christmas holidays are almost upon us. With the buzz of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the whiff of turkeys roasting in the ovens, and lots of happy cheer, we take stock and are, thankful.

Things have slowed down a fair bit on the storefront. We are truly thankful that you haven’t forgotten us. Life at home with two kids doesn’t mean a bed of roses (hooboy) or that time is aplenty to spend sipping tea from pretty tea sets. Far from it.

So here we are, taking stock of the last couple of weeks (not the year coz it will make for some epic post which, I don’t have the time for)…

photo photo

First up, the shop! We have been busy packing orders, with little touches of whimsy. We have delved into our crazy washi stash and enjoyed decorating the packages before we ship. We hope they bring a smile to you when you receive them!

photo photo photo photo

We have spent quiet moments enjoying the little things. The girly pink (why else would Sparkle Thots’ be so PINK?), the teabreaks, baked treats and vintage wares, and lots and lots of sunshine.

photo photo photo photo

And family celebrations. Food and lovely company. (And even more sunshine!)

photo photo photo photo

The kids are out on term break, returning back to school and to a whole new level come January. What that effectively translates to is epic long days filled with playdates and activities to rein in the boundless energy. By nightfall, we are all exhausted.

And so the cycle continues.

** by the way, do remember to get your orders in by the weekend to ensure shipping in time for Christmas. And by that, we do mean PAID orders. We will only prep and ship on receipt of payment.

Happy Holidays.

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To be perfectly honest, I don’t quite know what to write. Life’s just been busy on the get-go and nothing quite memorable. Then I look at my photostream and think, ‘gee, there’s quite alot happening!’ But since it is all history, I don’t quite feel like writing about it anymore.

L : random Le Creuset ramekin I rummaged out from the kitchen after a weekend of intense lusting at loot friends had gotten from the family sale. R : J all prepped up to swing it his school’s year end concert.

photo photo

And well, things seem quite frivolous compared to the crazy hurricane/tropical storm Sandy. It was rather surreal to see the iconic Statue of Liberty muted, the subways flooded, and the streets empty. It felt like one of those doomsday climate change sort of shows, except it was playing out on the news networks, and almost real time via twitter (and others). Singapore’s been sheltered. No crazy snows but a real blazing hot week. Which is somewhat ridiculous (in my point of view and memory, though not entirely accurate) seeing that we are in November. Heck, where are the cold(er, relatively speaking) rainy days?!

L & R : yummy cupcakes (meant to be teacakes but I just went with the flow, ie, whatever trays I had). This recipe is to keep.

IMG_1346 photo photo IMG_1354

Still, time doesn’t slow down for anything, anyone. And we are getting really close to Christmas. So we are taking a bit more time behind the scenes as we pack your orders. Lil personalised notes, lovingly handwrapped. Do note the shipping cut off dates. Trust me, express shipping charges are KILLER. I really love the selection made by our shoppers thus far. Personalised and meaningful!

If you found these images familiar, sorry. They came off my instagram stream. I’m an addict. And you know what they say about a picture saying more than words don’t you?


Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: Natural Specimens (Necklace)

Just a quick heads up that a new druzy geode piece is in store. As with all other pieces, they are unique and one of a kind. Select the one that appeals to you the most.

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: Natural Specimens (Necklace)

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: Natural Specimens (Necklace)

This piece has a beautiful gradated finish with purple hues at the end. Sliced to show off the lovely striations at their best. This particular piece has the top and sides lined with goldplating, leaving the bottom crystalline edged open. And because it is open-backed, you can flip it whichever side you’d like.

Stay tuned for more. We are still sourcing for these… individually. This one is now available in store.

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