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There’s something lovely about the leaves as they turn red. I’ve been really busy on the personal front to be blogging as regularly as before but this cheerful sight popped up in my pinterest stream and I could not help sharing. I wasn’t able to trace the source of these 2 images so if you do know where they are from, do drop me a note and I’d give due credit.

I stumbled upon these via OhSuzyQ‘s collection of autumn leaves. Charming.

And perfect for today’s cool rainy weather. This is probably as close as we can get to autumn in tropical Singapore.

Have a lovely day!

And now, back to prepping orders for today’s postal run. Shoppity Shop.

Flowers in wine bottles


Flowers in glass bottles, sitting on the window sill or work table make me happy. Sometimes you don’t need fanciful arrangements. The simplest combination, thrills.

Hope you’d enjoy this mini collection of freshly bottled flowers. Grab a stalk at lunch. Flower power!

Flower decor

dasha minaeva

bridal banter





atlanta wedding ~ style me pretty

Singapore Orchids Garden


If you didn’t already know, Singapore’s national flower is the Vanda Miss Joaqium. An orchid. So this week being our National Day (happy birthday!), we’d focus on the colourful flower.

Singapore National Orchid Garden

claire h.

Singapore National Orchid Garden

Singapore National Orchid Garden


Singapore Orchid Gardens

todd f.


Orchids from the National Orchid Garden, Singapore

rajesh vijayarajan

Mokara Zhu Rongji "Lao An"


Singapore Botanic and National Orchid Gardens 028

adrian greig

I love that there are so many variations but hate that they are somewhat difficult to care for. Still, beautifully gorgeous, they are increasingly used in bouquets. Locally, the potted plants make a lovely home decor piece and all sorts of merchandising featuring the flower has been created to highlight this flower. Think… goldplated flowers, pins, dresses and shawls…

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