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Well, what did you know? We did end up visiting the Botanic Garden. I found out that they were offering free entry to the National Orchid Garden for whoever went along with kids. Sooo we trooped on down to take a look see.

orchid orchids gorchid jorchid

It was orchids galore which well, didn’t quite interest the kids (thank God for free admission. There’s a reason why I like to go during such promotions…!) but we still spent 1-2 hours there. The kids enjoyed running all over the place and shrieking in delight at goodness knows what. The art and science that goes along with orchid cultivation, was obviously lost on them.

There were some really beautiful blooms along the winding paths but inbetween snapping away, herding the kids and avoiding the dslr toting tourist crowds (they came by the bus loads!), I don’t have the names of the flowers, except the generic catch all, ORCHIDS. Didn’t help that the names weren’t very visible except in the VIP garden.

Personally, the flowers are lovely but they blur into one after a while. Some are really ‘different’ but by and large, they have similar characteristics. Heck, maybe it is the same common ones that the gardens recycle along the footpaths. Nice setting for photography and the enthusiast. More on Flickr or… Just pop over to the gardens or the bookstore. Some things, you just got to experience.

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So we played the local tourist on Saturday and went to the Gardens. Nice, big, grand. But too clinical for me. Maybe I’d have a different opinion should we have had the time (and energy) to explore the outdoor gardens but as we went through the domes, it felt… sterile. No real bugs, no grass under your feet. Don’t get me wrong… the landscaping was really well done. The domes offered a gorgeous view of the skyline of Singapore (ok, maybe more the flyer than anything else). It was fabulously cool inside. ‘Natural airconditioning’ they say… but odd. Not quite the idea of a garden in my mind.

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Let’s just say it is a uniquely Singapore. The showcase of prowess and technical know how but if I really wanted to visit a garden, I’d troop on over to the Botanic Gardens. Jacob Ballas anyone?


And yes, our obligatory ‘been there done that‘ shot at the waterfall in the Cloud Forest.

Tomorrow’s a public holiday here in Singapore and we’ve gotten all paid orders dropped off at the post office earlier today. They’d be on their way over to you shortly, so hang in there for the ride.

IMG_0769 IMG_0770

I’ve been quite busy with your orders (thankyouverymuch!) and am completely blown away by your love for the simple elegant Infinity necklaces. I’ve received a couple of requests for them to be made as a bracelet instead. So much so I’m actually stocking both the necklace and the bracelet in store now. Only ordered a limited quantity in gold and definitely running low.

IMG_0777 IMG_0775

And here’s a sneak peek at a few new pieces that will be coming your way soon. Clean, light and just about perfect for everyday wear. Great for casual weekends, for days spent chasing kids. Pretty much I spend my days!

My week in 8 snapshots :-

This past week, the kids were all silly. J did his work and K did some cuddling. The boy brought home a pamphlet re primary school registration. This lil big boy is going to primary school! Still a baby as far as I am concerned. The sunsets were spectacular (the weather stifling), the unexpected cafe hopping lovely and the company crazy fun.



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