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Jewelry crafting has been a tad slow lately. Besides an infatuation with the Swarovski pink pearls I shared here, I really haven’t been inspired. So I have been turning instead to scrapbooking to keep crafting. Why not eh? I mean, journaling memories and still crafting? Bring it on. Admittedly, after such a long break, I’m starting at ground zero all over again. Hooboy.

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I did make a new friend. Say hi to the cricut. While not as versatile as the silhouette, it made a relatively easier entry into the world of paper crafting. It’s been pretty awesome so far. :) I’m currently working on two different albums; a Project Life album for pretty much every single day and a smaller one for just about anything that catches my eye.

Are you into scrapbooking? Come join the fun!


Spent a lazy afternoon washifying more stuff… An easy to do DIY project that is simple and can be done by kids (if you so choose). If you are like me, you’d likely have these items on hand. A couple (or more) rolls of washi tape, empty packaging (mine’s of macarons and if you are like me, they don’t last long enough to stain the boxes!) and a blob of blutack.

A quick run-through if you can’t already tell…!


Easy peasy. Choose a firm enough box. If you’d like more structure and ‘coherence’, grab some blank canvas frames. Select your washi tapes (or use all!), and tape any way you’d like. And because washi tapes are so forgiving, you can simply lift and reposition if you aren’t completely satisfied.


For this, I just covered the box cover. I flipped the bottom around to be a nice contrast. Position however you like and blutack it on. Or on a hook. Whichever your preference. I might get down to washifying the rest of the boxes. We’d see!

** Paper flowers are from another DIY tutorial earlier this year. :)


If you have been a long time reader of the blog, you’d know that our love affair with all things washi began sometime in 2009. The infatuation with the masking tape has not died, but probably got crazier. If you have purchased anything from us (thank you very much!), you’d most likely have had your packages sealed with washi tapes.

We love how easy it is to dress up packages with the tape, and how forgiving it is. It usually lifts cleanly without leaving any mark, and allows you to reposition it without a hassle. A blessing as most sticky tapes are well, sticky. But, we have also gone beyond just packaging. It would be such sacrilege to pigeonhole the versatile tape for just one idea.

Our latest outing :- mini flags and bunting for cake decor. Easy peasy.


Washi flags :- toothpicks + assorted MT tapes + scissors ~ snip a length of washi, place toothpick in the middle, snip the ends to desired finish. Done.


 Washi Bunting :- twine / string / thread + assorted MT tapes + satay sticks / skewers + scissors ~ repeat. eyeball the positioning to ensure somewhat equal spacing between the tabs. Ensure that there is enough string at the end to tie to the sticks. Tada.

Always helps to have a stockpile of washi in the craft box. :)

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