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Christmas is awfully near right now :) Can’t say I’m not pleased but I’m really wondering where all the time has gone to. Weren’t we just starting the year with K entering pre-nursery?!

We are mighty thankful for the orders that have come in. All paid orders have shipped and are on their way now. We can’t guarantee delivery in time for Christmas for any new orders, but we think, better late than never. Right? A lil bit of love never did hurt anyone. Some pretties are now out of stock but that’s all right by us. We have more lined up. Just as soon as we get a breather to list them (we think they’d be lovely for Valentine’s and birthdays, or all/no occasion gifts).

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See? We have been busy. Very thankful that the Entwined ring has been so well received this season. Both the version with and without the pearl.  Classic for everyday wear.

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 And here’s a flood of what’s been happening in the home. Ok, maybe I AM ready for the year to end afterall.


The kids are back in school for the last term of the year. The shortest it seems. The boy returned with details of the year end concert. Frightfully near. Next year, he goes to K2. Next year, we register for Primary 1. Let’s not go there just yet…

Meantime, I’ve been obsessing over these things…


washi (scrapbook papers, washi tapes and wooden bits)


more washi (washi, canvas squares and wooden bits)


A Year of Mornings ~ 3191 Miles Apart


Rainbows (oh and a smattering of washi on the camera)


Retro Goodness


And silver…

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklace) Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklace)

Now, what will new things will this week bring?

ps: Will launch these soon.

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Here in Singapore, we celebrate teacher’s day officially on 7th Sept. But since it falls right smack in the school holidays, most schools celebrated today. My kids brought their lil bags to school today, gingerly gifting them to their teachers. Quite a cute sight and interesting transformation how the excited duo turned so shy. Heh.

And so… this means a couple of things.

a) the school holidays are officially here. So do pardon my harried, mistyped emails for the next week or so. I sometimes think that these two play a game to see who can wear me out fastest. Daily.

photo photo

b) we end August. It was truly an awesome month. Thank you for all your support. Do come back for more items! :D We are prepping some new lovelies for launching in September. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and *christmas*. Do remember to order early because your pretties are being shipped from Singapore. Plus, well you know the insane mail loads that occur in December? Yup.

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(gold locket charm, Audrey available at Sparkle Thots)

Bring it on September!

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