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Earlier today at the bus stop…

K : God gave you two little children right mummy?
Me : two noisy little children.
K : two naughty noisy cheeky little children right?

Well… At least she knows.

We’ve been assaulted by the smog from the forest fires in Indonesia and have been seeking refuge in the aircon comfort of the airport. This is the first time the kids have had any experience with the haze of this magnitude and they aren’t taking to it too kindly. While I’m thankful that they haven’t had need to (deal with it), I wish they never did. J’s sneezing and I think his eyes are irritated. K sneezes on occasion and is irritable. Lets just hope it clears soon.

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So we played the local tourist on Saturday and went to the Gardens. Nice, big, grand. But too clinical for me. Maybe I’d have a different opinion should we have had the time (and energy) to explore the outdoor gardens but as we went through the domes, it felt… sterile. No real bugs, no grass under your feet. Don’t get me wrong… the landscaping was really well done. The domes offered a gorgeous view of the skyline of Singapore (ok, maybe more the flyer than anything else). It was fabulously cool inside. ‘Natural airconditioning’ they say… but odd. Not quite the idea of a garden in my mind.

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Let’s just say it is a uniquely Singapore. The showcase of prowess and technical know how but if I really wanted to visit a garden, I’d troop on over to the Botanic Gardens. Jacob Ballas anyone?


And yes, our obligatory ‘been there done that‘ shot at the waterfall in the Cloud Forest.


The school holidays are here! It starts today for my kids seeing that lessons are off in lieu of the meet the parents’ sessions scheduled for today and tomorrow. Effectively though, we have been venturing out museum hopping for the past week or so and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The kids enjoy the aircon comfort and I get to get out… Score.

Really thankful for Children’s Season at the museum as it actively engages the children. The Art Garden at the Singapore Arts Museum still has the best and probably is the main focus for the kids, young and old alike. This year is pretty fascinating. It brought art down to their level and made it fun. The craft stations got the attention of my two (and others, young and old alike) but it felt more like a repackaging of previous years’. Then again, why rework a good formula? Besides there aren’t that many crafts that can be done across all ages.

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My favourite exhibit is a real tie between the Enchanted Garden City (ground floor) and the Stellar Cave II (Level 2). Absolutely love the local take on the fairytales. Little Nonya as Red Riding Hood, carrying a basketful of ang ku kuehs? Goldilocks with the traditional cockerel bowls? Mad love. Even the old kampung house for Hansel and Gretel, sheep masquerading as clouds, a flying pig and merlions swimming in the pond. *sigh* I’d love to do a study in literature with such a twist. Oh so much fun!

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The other, the strings, really took my breath away when I stepped into the room. With the soft glow in the dark room, the sight captivated me and I wandered about in awe. Simple nails and string, and a whole lot of time (10 days according to a guide) was what it took to get the installation up and running. They had a smaller area for you to try your hand at it. An intricate one with countless lines inside or just the silhouette? You decide. The kids and I did silhouettes and boy, was it time consuming!

The rest of the museum was also interesting. Explore, find, discover. We spent 3 hours there that day; drawing, colouring, making. And being curious about every single object.


Basically, follow these wise words. And enjoy.

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