We are all currently staying in, dunking copious amounts of water and just waiting for a huge downpour to clear the air. PSI levels got seriously crazy today, peaking at an all new, all time high of 401 at midday. Thankfully, the readings have eased back into the hundreds. Suddenly the skies look clear. Of course it is all relative because it is still bad.

The kids have been cooped up at home. And there aren’t many pictures. Because it is kind of gloomy. All hazy and all. You don’t see much of blue skies nor the sun. No fun at all.

So… do pardon me if your packages are slightly delayed. With the outside air hovering in unhealthy and hazardous zones, I’m not quite ready to step out for a postal run. The kids and I thank you. Meantime, do say a little prayer for us here in the hazy island of Singapore. Rain, very much appreciated.

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