Jewelry crafting has been a tad slow lately. Besides an infatuation with the Swarovski pink pearls I shared here, I really haven’t been inspired. So I have been turning instead to scrapbooking to keep crafting. Why not eh? I mean, journaling memories and still crafting? Bring it on. Admittedly, after such a long break, I’m starting at ground zero all over again. Hooboy.

UntitledAfterlightScrapbook 2013 | Sweet MomentsScrapbook 2013 | Live Life Everyday

I did make a new friend. Say hi to the cricut. While not as versatile as the silhouette, it made a relatively easier entry into the world of paper crafting. It’s been pretty awesome so far. :) I’m currently working on two different albums; a Project Life album for pretty much every single day and a smaller one for just about anything that catches my eye.

Are you into scrapbooking? Come join the fun!

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