Was surfing the net the other day and discovered gorgeous foods to bake. So armed with an incredulous sense of wanting to involve the kids, we got to work on making some Cranberry Rose cookies. It sounded like a good idea but I think I’d either stick to baking without the kids, baking easier items or just doing away with the roses.


We started with a full cup of roses which had to have their petals picked and sepals removed. The kids got in on the action and whilst the child labour sounds awesome, in theory it wasn’t. Because the kids couldn’t sit still. They eventually toppled the bowl of freshly plucked petals (irony seeing these are dried flowers) and we had quite the mess to clear up.

photo photo

Ultimately, we got them done. They were yummy but they sure didn’t last very long! Pretty awesome stuff.

** Yes, I’m on yet another ‘all things roses’ craze again. Never died. Just took a hiatus.

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