A quick shout out that Thursday is a public holiday over here in Singapore. It will be followed by a school holiday so all orders placed 8-12 August will be processed on the 13th. We do thank you for your patience and understanding because, ultimately, we are a ‘mum-run’ operation. All orders will be processed on a first in-first out basis. If we can get to the office any sooner, we’d begin processing even faster. Trust us, we really don’t want to hog your goodies.




It’s our 47th year of independence and as always, we are celebrating with some fanfare. The organisers came out with a whole series of different campaigns and we decided to get in on the fun and do up our mini-me’s… LEGO style. With a $5 donation and proceeds going to charity, we got ourselves 2 figurines each. One to glue down on the model floating platform and the other to bring home.

By the time we got to the roving exhibition, the parts were very limited. But still, manageable. We loved the lil personalised bits the others had prepared and went a little trigger happy, snapping the mini-scene. Miniature placards, banners, a loving Singapore in the making. The performers were decked out in their costumes for the actual day (9th August) and definitely in ‘character’. Such fun really!

So… this is quite the short work week for us. We do thank you for your kind understanding. :)

** 9th August – Public Holiday . 10th August – School Holiday .

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