With all eyes (ok, most!) on the Olympics, the world’s attention is being tuned to the top 3 medals. Gold, silver, bronze. So just for fun, here’s our list of all time favourites.

Top on the list is the Ribbons Ring. It has been in our lil store for almost 3 years, created shortly before the birth of K, my daughter. It became a mainstay on our menu and we offered it up as part of our promo during the tsunami disaster of 2011.

A close second is the personalised heart on a chain necklace. The delicate goldfilled chain matches perfectly with the dainty heart, handstamped in a whimsical font with the initial of choice. This makes a great go-to necklace for everyday, and is great for layering with other pieces. It’s been sought after for weddings, bridal parties, birthdays and anniversaries. Quite the charmer! Also available in 925 silver or gold/silver plate.

Rounding up the group is this pair of Swarovski teardrop earrings. Coming in a variety of colour combinations, this pair is versatile for everyday occasions as well as outfitting the bridal parties. Also great for year end stocking stuffers for that touch of elegance on a budget.

So, any of these three caught your eye? We’d be back with more newbies as soon as we can.

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