Today, I had this irritating bee in my bonnet that just refused to leave. So I finally got to work to edit the shop banner. I totally love the new font but apparently, not everyone does. And I must admit, it’s not easy to read. Definitely not the best thing you’d want in a banner.

So I swallowed up my sadness and clicked ‘delete’. Sigh. But the banner has been changed from an old pair of gorgeous carnelian earrings (that have long since sold) to that of the dreamy rose rose gold vermeil. Ahhh… bliss. It has been a long time coming really. You really don’t know how many emails  / convos I field with regards to the earrings (can you remake them / are they still available…).

Hop on over to the shop to sneak a peek at which of the remaining two was finally chosen.


More work… Editing images to be ‘web ready’. A couple of new items listed.


A peek into my stash (part thereof).


And my very pink packing station. (just FYI, I DO have a pair of pink scissors!)

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Necklace)

Upcoming… I hope to list this amazing something blue piece later. It’s been sitting here for the longest time. Totally drool-able in reality.

So… I’d see you again next week. Over and out.

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