P2142561The teeniest heart we have in stock!

It’s an overcast weather kind of Valentine’s. Terrible for photoshoot so I’d just leave it as that. A sneak peek into the latest offering we have been meaning to share. A dainty, teeny tiny heart strung on a delicate rope chain. Perfect for layering, suitable for personalisation, great for everyday wear. A barely there kind of piece that you don’t want to remove.

Ruffle Hearts

Anyhow, enough of jewelry. Since I can’t offer it today, I’ve ruffled hearts to share instead. Those on my twitter and instagram (sparklethots) feed would have seen the ruffled hearts from last week. I finally got the elusive last piece to complete the project. A shadowbox styled photoframe. I got this as a nesting set of 4 at Typo (Singapore seems to only have the turquoise and brown wood versions). Anyone know where else to get these sort of frames, tell me.

A pretty easy craft, you’d need approximately 1 hour to complete. Less if you work fast and don’t try to multi-task (*sheepish*).

Ruffle Hearts

You’d need :-

  1. cloth remmants
  2. heart shaped template
  3. scissors
  4. needle and thread (doesn’t matter what colour, cannot be seen)
  5. shadowbox frame

Making Ruffled Hearts -- the how to

What to do :-

  1. cut out your heart base, doesn’t need to be perfect
  2. cut the cloth remmants into approximately 2cm squares (again doesn’t need to be accurate)
  3. pinch the square at the middle, and sew it onto the heart (I like to start at the centre tip)
  4. sew as many or as few as you like, the more you sew the denser the heart
  5. occasionally pause to ‘ruffle’ the sewn squares to see how it is coming along
  6. trim the heart to shape (if it goes ‘off’)
  7. fit it into the shadowbox

Ruffle Hearts

Re the shadowbox… while the stock picture of the Eiffel tower is pretty and all, it just doesn’t go with the heart. I lined the frame with some pretty scrapbook paper instead. :P Scarilege maybe but so much nicer!

Some tips to note :-

Keep an inch around the heart and frame. It works much better this way. Any fabric can be used, I used tee-shirt scraps.

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