Packaging for the month of February

Been a while I know. A full month in fact. Since we last ‘met’, we celebrated CNY, I started on yet another photo a day competition (the instagram one! pretty awesome stuff) and of course, we have been busy crafting new items. The shop has taken on a dreamy mood with pearls and Swarovski bling. Quite the impression I have of Sparkle Thots.

Ruffled Hearts


But besides that, we have gotten our hands busy too. The son is down with fever so we crafted. Paper roses, ruffled hearts. Very ‘Valentine’. And for those who are interested, hopefully the pictures help. Pretty simple. Just time-consuming. The perfect thing to keep the kids at bay. Hah.

** What you’d need :- any 6 petaled flower, craft white glue, floral tape (the sticky green ones), chopsticks or dowels

  • Step 1 : Cut or punch out at least 3 flowers for each flower. (I used 5. Basically the more you use, the fuller the flower will be)
  • Step 2 : Fold each flower in half (3 times) so that you get each petal nicely sectioned out
  • Step 3 : Cut a split in 1, a petal out of another and 2 petals out of the last (for my 5 piece I did 2, 2 and 1). Keep the cut outs aside
  • Step 4 : Glue the flowers together
  • Step 5 : Notch the points off the smaller ‘blooms’. Nestle them, one in each other, glue in place
  • Step 6 : Curl the petals to form the bud, notch the tips and glue in place
  • Step 7 : Skewer the chopstick through the centre of the blooms and tap down with floral tape

Hope it makes sense. If not, ask away!

Till next time… (hopefully sooner than last!)

** for a limited time, packages are shipping out either in a lovely maroon red pouch or tied with a reddish pink bow. Sweet :D


Edit to add :- here’s how they look bunched together! A cost free upcycled project. Use old magazines, newspapers (unwanted books) or papers for the flowers. ‘Vase’ is an old reed diffuser that’s emptied out.

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