8 years ago, the then-boyfriend (now husband) and I went on a trip to Canada for a friend’s wedding. We took the opportunity to tour bits of Canada. We landed at Vancouver and a spent about half a day on Victoria Island. Amongst the sites we visited, we stopped over at Butchart Gardens for a sensory overload.



The flowers were gorgeous. The landscaping was amazing and the blooms, beautiful. It was as if each flower was trying to outdo the next in putting its best petals forward. The bees were really in for a treat, hovering from one bud to the next. It was almost like a slice of heaven. Well, if you aren’t sensitive to pollen I guess.


Quite obviously, our fingers went into overdrive. You’d be hard pressed not to. And pretty much every bloom looks gorgeous.

Enjoy! Perhaps, some day, we’d be back. (Looking through these pictures, I wonder about the insane one-uppance for more megapixels. These were all taken with a 3.2 and they look great even in print. Ok, granted, you’d need them megapix if you are printing hugeass images!)








If you ever have the opportunity to be in the area, do grab the chance to go!

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