To our friends in Canada, sorry but mail is gonna be mega delayed. I guess you’d already know that Canada Post is indefinitely closed. For shoppers intending to surprise friends in Canada, well, erhmm, you’d have to go the expensive shipping route (via Fedex, UPS, DHL) or wait it out. Apparently talks have broken down between Canada Post and the workers. And we are all just hanging in there. The post office has shut and the mailboxes have been sealed. So no international mail agency is accepting mail to Canada right now.

Still, take time to smell the roses. Mail isn’t what it used to be. How often since you last received a handwritten note? How beautiful the cursive lettering? And how charming to know that someone took the time to source paper, sit him/herself down to write and post it off? Bills and official letter notwithstanding, therein lies the charm of mail.

The tender word forgotten, the letter you did not write, the flower you might have sent, dear, are your haunting ghosts tonight...


Some romance

iro – ivy

Yesterday's lavender

claire brocato

Vintage Metal Letter Holder Office

joie de cleve


Vintage Letters

cindy k


lou dizon

Day 296/365: The Letter


❤ via studio meez

ps : I’d be out today, spending some time to catch the tailend of the holiday programs. I’d pop in to answer emails on the go but I won’t be making any extra mailruns. Hopefully with school restarting on Monday, life will be back to normal. Whatever normal is!

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