Oh hi…! :D Unwinding now after a mad rush for the Christmas festivities. I must have been high on adrenaline or something because I crashed out the entire Boxing Day afternoon. Recharging for a new year now! I’ve had a lovely time celebrating Christmas. My mind’s still recovering so I shall leave you with a few random snaps from the past (erhmm…) month.

Gift Exchange

The Pump Room, GWC -- A Boxing Day Brunch

Sparkle Thots Jewellery :: (Ring)

I obviously …

  • have got my hands full most times because there are so FEW pictures
  • am addicted to Instagram
  • love to tinker around with iphone photo apps and manipulate them with more than one filter
  • need to step on it if I want to ensure the new collection is ready for the 2011 debut

2011′s first collection promises to be true to Sparkle Thots’ style. Full of whimiscal romantic concoctions. Lace and flowers, the sort of things that are utterly feminine and can take you from life’s big moments to the everyday dress ups. Timeless, simple and full of grace.

Enjoy yourselves! I’d try to be back tomorrow.

Meantime, our Blessed campaign is still on. Thank you for making 2010 such an amazing year. Shoppity Shop!

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