With two really active children, I don’t get half as much sleep as I’d like to. I often find myself needing a power boost, minutes after I get out of bed. It isn’t easy, it isn’t always fun. But gee, I wish I could get more shut eye! Maybe in a million years or something I would. And if I was single, I’d love to have the bedroom above. Pretty please?

In any case, these bedrooms are so beautifully done up, I sure hope their lucky owners spend enough time there to do them justice! And yes, I am green with envy.

Mazzali: "Domino" bed / il letto "Domino" . Bedroom area

Green Gables Bedroom

The bedroom

And not forgetting the kids…


Megan's Nursery which includes one of my banners

Baby Boy Nursery


Don’t Forget…

Sparkle Thots Ribbons

Bridal Collection

Sparkle Thots Pearls

We Heart You

Sparkle Thots Hearts

For The Lil Ones

Sparkle Thots Children