Tea For Two

Tea for Two

Some time ago, Etsy changed their system to allow unlimited treasuries and I had it at the back of my mind to curate one, someday. The old system of limited treasuries and having to watch the clock when the ‘old’ ones expired never worked for me. I just didn’t have the time to sit by the page to attempt to grab any. I think I did try. Once. Nearly drove me nuts.

So anyhow, after loving treasuries for so very long, I finally curated one myself. I was inspired with the notion of an afternoon Tea for Two out in the balmy fields. Probably because I was editing a listing for a necklace in my store.

Nonetheless, I hope you all like it. It sure took a while to select the 16 items (and shops) and I do think it is pretty decent for a first try. Drop by and take a look. And see the individual shops too. I’m sure they are worth the effort.

Shops Featured ::-

teaspoonvintageshop . katescottage2brandeye . plumprettysugar

fancyshop . fancifuldesign . eclu . sweetanthem

bucktoothbunny . craftypagan . thelittlereddoor . sugarrobot

mousewife . strandredesign . lillalotta . theluckybutton

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