The weekend was crazy busy with my older child down with gastric flu and having the runs all day long. No fun cleaning the soiled mess he created. It also meant that all our plans were thrown out of the window and I managed to sneak in some time to finish up a necklace that the muse had inspired.

This mix of Swarovski crystals and petrol tourmaline has very earthy overtones, an apt tribute for Earth Hour. Made with a mixture of gold vermeil and 14K goldfilled findings. Its a pseudo lariat and can be worn at centre or side. Lovely and classy all at the same time.

** On a side note, I woke up to find a rather interesting post in my RSS feeds. A seller who has been making, marketing and taking pictures all too closely to mine has found a cat of her own. She’s rather indignant about it but really, all I can say is… what goes around comes around. Before being so self righteous about it, please think about the past year or so and what you have been doing. In my opinion, a serious case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Turn negative thoughts off. Back to regular sunshine again :D

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